Viscosity And Temperature Control Solutions For Your Industry

No matter what the application - from automotive finishing to can coating; from adhesives to flexographic printing - when it comes to temperature and viscosity control, Saint Clair Systems provides results you can rely on.

Coating Applications

Temperature affects viscosity, and viscosity affects film thickness in your coating process. With adequate temperature control, you’ll save money on solvents and coatings while delivering consistent results.

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Bonding & Overmoulding

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Industrial and Automotive Finishing

Whether you are painting small parts or large truck bodies, even the slightest change in temperature or viscosity can lead to inconsistent coverage, quality control problems, excess material usage, or other issues that will impact your final product.

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Sustainability through Temperature Control

Developing and delivering industrial fluid process controls for a healthy planet requires that we pursue technologies that are sustainable and that support sustainable processes.

Viscosity stabilization through temperature control, reduces or even eliminates dependence on harmful solvents, resulting in lower emissions, reduced scrap and rework, and a safer work environment.

A Strategic Plan

Our sustained efforts in pursuing the elimination of waste have led to significant gains in productivity and recognition by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. Saint Clair Systems engaged MMTC to help develop a strategic innovation plan for a lean transformation in temperature control.


Control Your Process

If you aren’t controlling the amount of waste in your coating/finishing applications, then the waste is controlling your bottom line.

So how efficient is your process? To get an idea of how much you may be wasting, review our paint waste calculator.

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