Viscosity Changes?

Like many of the companies we work with, we are sure you understand how critical coating viscosity is in the dispense process.

You no doubt take great care to ensure that your coating is at the right viscosity before you put it into your process.

The problem is that on the journey from your coating source to the point of dispense, things change.

Your coating absorbs process heat, goes through high shear devices, and is subject to fluctuating ambient
conditions. This pretty much ensures that the viscosity is not the same when it is dispensed as it was when it started.

Using viscosity sensors, we can measure how much viscosity changes and correlate that to quality defects and material & solvent usage.

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How Viscosity View Works

We’ve made it easy to assess the real impact of viscosity changes in your process. Here’s how it works.

What You Do

Direct us to the coating that is giving you the most trouble. Allow us to place one viscosity sensor at the material source and another sensor close to the point of dispense. Track and record quality and material usage data.

What We Do

We collect time stamped viscosity data at both locations for an agreed upon period of time. Usually two weeks or more. We then prepare a report of viscosity variation and work with you to correlate to quality and material usage.

What You Get

After our collaboration, we will provide you with a clear picture of the viscosty variations and how they relate to quality and material usage. This will include graphs and written explanations to help clarify what you are seeing.

How It Helps

By measuring viscosity changes and correlating them to quality and material usage data, we can quantify how much these changes could be costing you. Armed with this knowledge, you can take steps to mitigate those changes.

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