Viscometers and Controllers

Accurate viscosity monitoring and control tools to assure consistency and reliability
in printing, coating, adhesive, and sealer processes.

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Viscosity Control Tools and Technology

Our viscosity control engineers have created viscometers and sensors that use the simplest, yet most sensitive and reliable principles of operation. Our inline viscometers and intuitive viscosity software provide excellent ease of use and reliability.

Plus, our viscosity equipment is so reliable that many have been in operation for more than 30 years.


MP3000/ 3500 Series Viscosity Controller

Our MP3000/ 3500 Series Viscosity Controller offers an entirely new standard of versatility and economy in a compact PLC/ Touch Screen package.

  • Save set-up time with simple, easy-to-understand menus
  • Graphical user-friendly and intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Separate PLC with two (2) 4-20 madc each analog inputs & outputs
  • Set point viscosity control with solvent and make-up fluid additions
  • Displays & controls in a variety of viscosity units (cPs, Cup Seconds etc..)
  • Monitors & displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Field adaptable readouts & controls
  • Optional pH control

MP3500 Viscosity Controller

Visc Series Multi-station Controllers

Vision 10 Controller
  • PLC-based controller can be used at up to 10 stations
  • 10" fully-functional touch screen
  • Manual or automatic control
  • High, low, level alarm outputs
  • Adjustable control values
  • Scalable trend plots
  • Additional temperature or pH input display
  • Converted value readout including: Zahn, Ford & Shell Cup, cPs, cSt, SSU etc.


VTS Viscosity Sensor

  • High frequency vibrational viscosity and temperature sensor
  • intrinsically safe
  • Designed for use in printing, coating and industrial applications
  • Designed to provide reliable, repeatable viscosity measurement in the harshest of environments for years to come

VTS Sensor

StablINK System

stablink  system
  • Designed to eliminate process fluid variables by reducing temperature fluctuations
  • Minimize color variation
  • Maximize press operation speed
  • Decrease reliance on manual machine adjustments

MXBOC Viscosity Sensor (CE)

  • This in-tank viscosity sensor is good for open tanks between 10” and 24”
  • CE and ATEX compliant
  • Can be used in water-based and solvent-based applications

MXBOC Viscosity Sensor (CE)