VISC1000 Viscosity Control System

Maintain Superior Viscosity Control

The VISC1000 is the viscosity control system for processes with one to three stations, designed for in-line or in-tank processes such as adhesives, coatings, food ingredients, and printing inks.

VISC1000 Viscosity Control SystemProduct features:

  • Touch-screen interface that displays parameters and trend data for each station.
  • Displays set points, actual viscosity, alarms, and automatic/manual mode for each station.
  • Provides real-time data logging and allows viscosity parameter changes on the fly.
  • Trend plot software provides data logging from one hour up to seven days, with systems available for up to 12 stations.
  • Allows users to change each station separately, including air valve, solvent control parameters, set points, high-low alarms, and color codes for ingredients.