Our Approach to Temperature Control

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Temperature Control Unit: The Heart of the Solution

Sized to seamlessly provide the required heating and cooling to achieve and maintain a +/-1F material temperature at the point of dispense, a Saint Clair Systems temperature control unit (TCU) is a totally self-contained, balanced and closed loop fluid process control system.

Expandable by controller to communicate to any line configuration, our proprietary thermal sizing tools ensure that the capacity of our temperature control unit is just right.

With a Saint Clair Systems TCU, your coating or finishing process will achieve the efficiency and durability you need to deliver quality finished products at a cost-effective margin.

Water-Based Temperature Control System


Temperature Control System – Water Based

Simple, balanced and efficient, these self-contained, closed-loop systems require neither additional plumbing nor an external water source. The heat-cool systems contain a water reservoir that circulates through the chiller. The process water circulates through the immersion heater.

  • When heating is required, the immersion heater turns on
  • When chilling is required, a solenoid valve opens and exchanges water from the process with water from the chiller loop
  • Design ensures that the unit is either heating or cooling, but never both at the same time
  • The small increments required for heating or cooling and the use of water as the temperature control medium assure that the units use very little energy and are inexpensive to operate

Thermoelectric Temperature Control System


For systems that do not see significant swings in ambient temperature, but benefit from accurate temperature control, our thermoelectric systems offer an efficient and affordable option.

The device contains a Peltier chip. When an electric current runs through the chip, one side gets hot and the other side gets cold. Reversing the current also reverses the temperature performance.

  • Based on the thermoelectric effect (also known as the Peltier effect)
  • Simple to operate
  • Controlling the current keeps very tight control on the process material

Temperature Control System – Thermoelectric

AT-5900 Temperature Control System



For 25 years, Saint Clair Systems has created solutions for many types of applications and in many different industries. The compact, efficient, and economical AT-5900 is used in a variety of applications and offers an easy-to-use upgrade to many dispensing systems.

  • Available in either a single or dual version.
  • Enough heating and cooling capacity for many medium flow applications.
  • Interfaces easily with host controller systems and requires very little setup.

Multi-Station Recirculation Systems


When dispensing applications contain a large variety of options (as in a multi-color paint system), our solutions can provide temperature control for each circuit. This unit is capable of controlling up to nine unique circuits.

  • Any combination of heating and cooling is available on one skid
  • Discrete control or PLC interface options are available
  • For use with remote-mounted heat exchanger systems, these units are compatible with all Saint Clair Systems heat exchangers, peripherals and chillers

Multi Station Recirculation Systems

Anti-Condensation System


Anti-Condensation System

Different from a traditional air heater, these units recirculate heated water to a heat exchanger mounted close to the source of the icing or condensation.

Traditional air heaters use air to transfer heat from outside of the booth to the bell. As air is a poor medium for heat transfer, these traditional air heaters are largely ineffective.

  • Small and inexpensive
  • Wall-mount, heat-only unit
  • Stops condensation on paint bells and prevents icing of pneumatic pumps

Chiller Based Multi-Circuit Temperature Control Units


These free-standing modules provide independent and complete temperature control and are capable of maintaining continuous heat/cool transitions.

  • Designed for multiple mid-size processes
  • Integrates with all SCS peripherals
  • Ready to install

Chiller Based Multi-Circuit Temperature Control Units