Sealer and Adhesive Systems

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Products and Solutions for Sealer and Adhesive Application Systems

Our customized products help monitor and maintain material temperature, and offer heating and cooling solutions during adhesive and sealant operations.

SCS Temperature Control Unit (TCU)


One protective coating system with many configurations customized to your application.

By circulating closed-loop conditioning water through heat exchangers and ancillary components, the TCU ensures proper temperature of the material at the point-of-application.

Temperature Control Unit
  • Maintains the high viscosity of sealers and adhesives.
  • Accommodates frequent heat/cool switching, lower dispense volumes at higher dispense pressure, and temperature control within non-circulating or “dead-end” protective coating systems.
  • Minimizes rework.
  • Reduces production line stoppages.
  • Improves your bottom line.



Our state-of-the-art viscometer technology can help ensure your applications enjoy the accuracy, repeatability, ease of use and reliability you need to get the most out of your adhesive and sealing process.

  • MMP in-line viscometer
  • VTS in-line viscometer
  • Tank mount viscometer
  • Stablink System

M-51 In-line viscometer

Heat Exchangers


Our heat exchanger technologies help to create a controlled environment around the material path in order to prevent heat loss or gain.

Heat Exchanger
  • HP shell and tube
  • HP tube-in-tube
  • LP shell and tube
  • LP tube-in-tube
  • Profile traced cover
  • Flexible traced cover
  • Coax hose
  • Traced follower plate
  • Stablink System


VTS Viscosity Sensor

  • High frequency vibrational viscosity and temperature sensor
  • intrinsically safe
  • Designed for use in printing, coating and industrial applications
  • Designed to provide reliable, repeatable viscosity measurement in the harshest of environments for years to come
VTS Sensor