Offset and Publications Coating

Viscosity control tools that hep ensure consistent coverage and coating in your publication production process.

Offset and Lithography Viscosity Solutions

Both text and illustrations can quickly become smeared or smudged without adequate viscosity and temperature control in your offset and lithogrpahic printing processes.

As ink is applied to the printing plate, then transferred to the substrate, even the smallest variations in ink temperature and viscosity can lead to imperfections that cause clients to reject newsletters, brochures, books, legal documents, business forms, and other printed materials.

Learn how the combined fluid process control expertise of Saint Clair Systems can provide customized solutions to minimize costs and waste in your offset lithography printing process:

Viscosity control benefits:

With adequate viscosity control, your offset publication coating process can realize the following benefits: 

  • Steady coverage, ensuring the correct gloss coating for publication covers
  • Consistent film thickness, ensuring correct non-skid for greater box stability on shelves
  • Dependable glue application, preventing publication separation or pages sticking together
  • Cost savings, by way of viscosity control for increased fluid mileage (gloss, glue) and less waste from rejections