Fluid Process Control for Marine Coating Applications

Ensure that your marine coatings are prepared to withstand even the harshest environments. 

Solutions that Ensure Quality and Durability in Marine Coating

Paint and protective marine coatings help to ensure the appearance and integrity of bridges, locks, dams, ships, barges, docks, offshore infrastructure, and other entities that experience some of the world’s most demanding conditions and environments.

The integrity of these protective coatings relies on the coater’s ability to deliver consistent, uniform application throughout the coating process. However, changes in temperature and viscosity can lead to color variations in paint, and uneven thickness and ineffectiveness for protective coatings – things that lead to excess waste and customer rejects.


Adding temperature and viscosity control solutions to your marine coating process can deliver a wide variety of benefits

  • Proper ratio of coating materials to solvent
  • Less inconsistency and more uniform coating
  • Decreased waste and customer rejects
  • Savings on material costs and greater ROI