Inline pH Sensor

Accurate pH Monitoring

Inline-pH-Sensor.pngOur Inline pH Sensor features a patented chamber design that prolongs probe life and efficiency for monitoring the pH of water-based inks and other solutions.

The sensor installs directly in a fluid line to monitor pH and incorporates a transmitter which converts its mV signal to 4-20 mA for transmission to a controller.

Featuring a flat-tip probe with a glass insert, this sensor has a patented integral reservoir which traps fluid to keep the probe tip wet during job changes and prevent drying out; a problem which often reduces or destroys the effectiveness of conventional sensors.

Suitable for any process where pH is an important parameter to be measured and controlled, this Sensor can be used with our VISC and MP-2000 controllers, which let operators establish a pH set-point and automatically add amine or other ingredients as required.

Used in the following applications:

  • Liquid chemical processes
  • Water-based printing inks
  • Food production
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • General manufacturing