Industrial Paint Systems

Customized temperature and viscosity control solutions that ensure
efficiency and quality in industrial paint projects.

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The Leader in Developing Solutions for Industrial Paint Systems

Ideal for both high and low-flow industrial paint applications, Saint Clair Systems industrial paint solutions can be configured for a variety of paint and coating applications.

Customized Solutions


Our engineers design customized solutions to ensure your paint process is optimized to reduce waste, minimize downtime, and produce high-quality, repeatable results. We specialize in developing solutions in the following areas:

Customized Solutions
  • Tank control
  • Header control
  • Viscosity management
  • Solvent reclaim
  • Anti-condensation
  • UV coatings
  • Cleaning



Equipped with our Norcross technology, our viscometers provide accuracy and repeatability, in addition to the ease of use and reliability you need to optimize your adhesive and sealing processes.

  • VTS in line viscometer
  • MXBO Tank Mount viscometer

vts sensor

Heat Exchangers


Our heat exchanger products help to create a controlled environment around the material path in order to prevent heat loss or gain.

heat exchanger
  • LP shell & tube
  • LP tube-in-tube
  • Profile traced cover
  • Plate & frame
  • Brazed plate
  • Recorable coax hose

Temperature Control Units (TCU)


By circulating closed-loop conditioning water through heat exchangers and ancillary components, the TCU ensures proper temperature of the material at the point-of-application. Our technology addresses paint process needs through a variety of applications:

  • Heating/cooling applications
  • Tank/pumping skids
  • Multi-station HX skids
  • Chillers

MP3500 Series Viscosity Controller


Our MP3500 Series Viscosity Controller offers an entirely new standard of versatility and economy in a compact PLC/touch screen package.

MP3500 Viscosity Controller
  • Displays & contols in a variety of viscosity units
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Monitors & displays temperature
  • Field adaptable readouts & controls
  • Available pH control
  • Graphical user interface with touchscreen operation