Temperature and Viscosity Control for
Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Solutions that deliver quality and consistency in food and beverage manufacturing processes.

Viscosity Control in Manufacturing Food Products

Viscosity and temperature are important properties in food and beverage manufacturing. Viscosity not only indicates quality of certain foods (think of whether you prefer a maple syrup that is thick or thin), it is also a characteristic of a food's texture. Customers also expect consistency. When they buy a product in Michigan, they expect the same quality and flavor when buying that brand in California.

Sugars and other additives that are used during production can impact the viscosity and flow properties of food and beverages, so it is important to monitor and control viscosity in order to maintain optimal conditions throughout the manufacturing process.

Temperature control also plays a role. When temperature rises, it can have a solidifying effect. When a substance boils, temperature can have a liquefying effect. And when temperature drops, it will once again have a solidifying effect. By introducing adequate temperature control solutions to your manufacturing process, you'll ensure that your product maintains its needed consistency from start to finish.