Solutions for Electronics Component Manufacturing

Temperature and viscosity control technology that enhances the strength and protective qualities
of electronics coatings and resins.

Electronics Component Coating

Resin and protective coatings for electronic circuity help to protect products against potential failure caused by thermal extremes, chemicals, dust, and moisture. These coatings also help to protect electronic components from damage that can be caused during installation and handling.

Uniform application of resin and other protective coatings is essential to providing adequate safeguarding for sensitive elements in electronics manufacturing. Temperature and viscosity control solutions remain the most effective approaches to achieve consistency and reliability and in your coating process.


Protecting against moisture, stone impacts, and vibrations in automotive electronics. Safeguarding against heat and dust in electrical components. Providing strength and flame resistance for circuit boards. Electronic component coating and resin impregnation techniques play critical roles in the manufacturing and performance of the accompanying products.

The best way to ensure that coatings, resin, and epoxies perform as designed in these processes is to utilize temperature and viscosity control solutions for your applications: 

  • Viscosity sensors for solvent-based compounds like starches, coatings, and epoxies
  • Viscosity controllers that manage solvent and fluid additions
  • Solvent reclaim
  • Anti-condensation apparatus

Applications served:

Manufacturers of circuit boards and other electronic components benefit from temperature and viscosity control in coating and fiberglass resin impregnation processes.

Our customized solutions can be designed to meet the needs of diverse applications, including:

  • Coating for automotive electronics components
  • Impregnating resin
  • Casting resin
  • Silicone gels
  • Other compounds for electronic and electrical applications