Viscosity Solutions for Corrugated Printing 

Enhance your corrugated printing operations with viscosity control solutions
designed to improve performance and reduce costs.

Corrugated Printing Viscosity Solutions

Corrugated printing isn’t what it used to be. Clients don’t want simple, low-resolution images on their finished products. When ordering point-of-purchase displays, signs, shipping boxes and other items, your customers expect sharp, detailed imagery that aligns with their brand messages.

And while your corrugated printing process may be able to deliver the detailed and modern imagery your clients demand, the slightest changes in ink viscosity or temperature can lead to color variations and other imperfections like smearing or striping.

The customized temperature and viscosity control solutions developed by Saint Clair Systems and Norcross Viscosity Controls can help you save time and resources, and trim waste in your corrugated printing process.

Common issues:

Operating your corrugating printing process without reliable viscosity monitoring and control can lead to a number of costly errors. Viscosity control can help alleviate the frequency of some of the following miscues:

  • Fisheyes
  • Foaming
  • Halos
  • Mottle
  • Poor trapping
  • Inconsistent color
  • Ink smearing
  • Uneven print

Viscosity control benefits:

With our customized viscosity control solutions, your corrugated printing operation can enjoy the following benefits:

  • More consistent product from roll to roll due to automatic control of inks and solvents
  • Maintained color
  • Increased ink mileage
  • Solvent control
  • Less environmental impact, with less solvent released into the atmosphere
  • Less waste