Why are there still Issues?

There could be a variety of reasons but consider the possibility that you may be leaving one very important variable uncontrolled.

Consider all of the variables you control in your coating dispense process. While the diagram to the right was created for gun applications, the same holds true for bells.

Constants in a typical process

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Consider the possibility that you may be leaving one very important variable uncontrolled.

How It Works

What It Is

Coating Command consists of a Temperature Control Unit and a heat exchanger in the form of our patented recorable coaxial hose. This allows you to control coating temperature all the way to the point of dispense.

What It Does

The Coating Command system provides your process with consistent coating viscosity at the point of dispense. Coating Command does this by controlling coating temperature which is directly related to viscosity.

What You Get

Coating Command senses material temperature as close to the point of dispense as practical. The temperature sensor sends a signal to the controller directing the system to either add or remove heat from the material.

How It Helps

As your coating changes temperature it changes viscosity. As the viscosity changes, your dispense pattern and ultimately your finished product varies. Coating Command eliminates that variation.

The Saint Clair Clearcoat Process Review

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By installing two inline viscosity sensors, we can help quantify how much your viscosity changes during your dispensing process and whether it's worth doing something about.

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