Can and Container Coating

Fluid process control solutions to help can manufacturers more efficiently manage
their sealer, liner and adhesive application processes.

Finding Consistency in Your Coating Process

Food and beverage manufacturers – and their consumers – rely on can makers to deliver fresh, flavorful, and appealing products. It falls on tin and aluminum can manufacturers to ensure that coatings and sealants effectively preserve the integrity of canned goods. These same expectations hold true for plastic container manufacturers.

The key to meeting customer demands in can and container manufacturing is adequate temperature and viscosity control. Saint Clair Systems specializes in designing solutions that help maintain consistency in coating, adhesive, sealer, and ink applications.

Applications served

High rejection rates due to off-color, improper gloss, fogging, inconsistent coating or liner weights, voids, and even poor conveying mobility may all be caused by poor viscosity control.

With more than 100 years of combined expertise, Saint Clair Systems and Norcross Viscosity Controls have developed solutions for a number of issues that affect can and container coating applications:

  • Decorator
  • Overvarnish
  • Inside spray
  • End liner
  • Bottom coating
  • Sheet coating


By implementing custom solutions from Saint Clair Systems and Norcross Viscosity Controls into your can and container coating process, you can:

  • Ensure consistent seal performance
  • Reduce overvarnish clouding/fogging
  • Guarantee the print on the can is both on-color and protected
  • Save money by using less varnish per can and less water/solvent
  • Prevent waste by preventing conveyor jams and rejected cans due to mobility problems or over/under coating